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14/15 Review 
Huge thanks for this review – we found whilst surfing.
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Big thanks to Italian website MetalEyes IYE for their 7.7/10 review of Synaptik “Justify & Reason” (double import edition)

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Huge thanks to Emanuele Gentile at Musical News (Italy) for this great review of our album “Justify & Reason”
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Another great review.


Great 4/5 Review for new album here BACKGROUND MAGAZINE REVIEW

And another great SYNAPTIK VINYL review.
Many thanks
To be mentioned alongside some of these bands is a great compliment.

(Facebook translation from German below……not perfect but you get the idea)
SYNAPTIK – Justify & reason (Divebomb Records, 2017)
The second album by British progressive metallers suggests a bomb in the underground, carded the scene from behind, and is already celebrated in the feuilleton as a new sensation in the feuilleton. Truth or exaggeration?
LP AT UNDERGROUND POWER () Bagged and the test.
The sound is alive, but very clear and clean. It is noted that the rhythmusgitarren are definitely more than six strings, because the cut riffing always has a nasty deep element. Modern, well, relatively modern. Playful, screwed, somewhere between frick elig and melodic, by incredibly good musicians with enormous feeling, the songs work.
Thrilling melodic runs, solos of impressive harmony, but also amazing arpeggioabritte on the fingerboard are on the agenda. Folk drives the drums with blastbeats in the deepest hellmouth, while in the next second, relaxed, prancing parts lead the song into a new, lalumière direction.
Enchanted Hell charm your senses and paint your dreams with the colourful colors, bass and guitar around each other in the most hypnotic, but always melodic-sounding runs. Then there comes a break and cut chords, stakkatos and stronger blind. These are always kind of mysterious atmosphere, projected pictures in your head.
Synaptik will fuck all the people who are still looking for the next ” British Steel “, ” Breaker ” or ” power of the night “, and can’t imagine a retreat from the old 80 s. I find the deep 7 String Riffs described above, very pleasantly staged by the sound of the game, which is interesting because of life and the interplay of various melodies, emotions and moods, which is why the ahead in the hardest realms, the retreat More Dreamy aspects and fiery – passionate solieren are perfect for this kind of exciting new music.
The album is intensely intense and atmospheric, but turns out to be a comprehensible of the genre after a while.
John Knight with his medium, voluminous voice is the ceremonies of the album. He is the storyteller and commanding officer, he is the screaming rager and passionate lover. He sings technically well, has always made the feeling of the technique, because singing is only reflect Sanctuary, but the way Synaptik stage their music and how John sings at the powerparts has a lot of Nevermore. But enough of the name droppings, all bullshit, because Synaptik show their influences quite clearly, but they have songs of truly sublime size, which also decades after ” Images and Words “, ” Into the Ever-flow “, ” Dead Heart in a Dead” world and similar caliber are still fresh and inspired.
And so they create the metal with their thrilling sound in the catches of progressive metals and safely penetrate the matter.
Synaptik are a challenge for the listener. You Bend and twist the song to yourself until it can be a black in front of your eyes, but there are always the,, which serve you as a guide and keep you in the bar. Tension has to be there, too, for which melodies are concerned. Only gefrickel often goes to the exporter.
Such music has a lobby, not too small, as you can see the success of Dream Theater, but they still seem to be the exception to the rule. We wish Synaptik that they will soon be able to fill the big halls and break the mainstream, but they will always be so creative.

Massive thanks to Justin Hulford at THEROCKTOLOGIST  glad you liked the album.  Great review. (although unsure why having bonus tracks is a problem?)

“This is fast paced and pretty heavy from the start of opener “The Incredible Machine”. The music has plenty of complex sections and the whole comes together well, solid melodic metal with hints of power easily diverting to a more progressive and interesting place as and when they feel it’s right to do so.

A more atmospheric mood starts the next, “White Circles”, and it then moves into some clever progressive areas. This song, as so many are here, is a smart fusion of styles with power and industrial to the fore, all underpinned by some progressive vibes. Some of these are mellow and subtle, others more dynamic and overt. The mood changes are well executed and really keep the whole album fresh.

Conscience” sees them really embrace the progressive fully as the guitars sprawl deliciously to drive a long instrumental section. Then the body of the song is heavy and complex, the vocal superb. The voice stays solid as the music goes wherever it wants.

This album has loads going for it, mainly because of the way they have cleverly fused a few styles around a progressive heart. It all feels very fresh and original, and the track “Esc Ctrl” is about as good as modern progressive metal gets, stuffed as it is with ideas, sub-sections and just so much. If you do nothing else, find that song somewhere!

And then there is the last three tracks are from their 2014 debut.


huge thanks to the people at Zware Metalen for this cool review…. (Rough translation below)

85/100 –  Zware Metalen

 “Synaptik‘s English prog thrashers come with their second long-term player. Title of this work is Justify & Reason. This album opens with the song The Incredible Machine, which sets the bar high. The many pace changes are smoothly interlinked and sound in the audience, thanks to the excellent production that gives space to all instruments to get to the fullest. Beautifully recognizable chorus, alternated with a rollercoaster of melodies. For some reason, Threshold thrust me in as a comparison of the melodies, although Synaptik is a lot faster and harder.

I could say that the rest of the songs sound the same but I would be lying. The nine songs on Justify & Reason all have the same vibe, but differ greatly in melody. It’s a bit like roller coasters. You know they’re going over the head, but the way things are different. It’s also synaptic: you know what you can expect and yet you are surprised. Although there are clear thrash elements, especially the speed, Synaptik is more feed for the prog lovers among us, and that’s  surely a good ‘Reason’ to listen to Justify & Reason!    Score: 85/100


82/100 HEAVENOFHEAVYMETAL  Read Translation (Best we could below – the translation software sometimes throws up some alternate meanings ha ha)

#Please note the three remixed tracks on “Justify & Reason” are added as bonus tracks not as part of the album.

The start with The Incredible Machine is very extroverted: the intro is already ruthless, but then starts at a very high speed with a high standard. From now on, the Synaptik show their ability to change the cards on the table: soon the music softens to cross oblique and heavy bridge, but somewhat enveloping and of great intensity. Again, the ritornellos are driven, which open very often, and sometimes they become even soft and dreamy. The standard alternates longer heavier and darker passages – albeit seldom fast as early – and fractions of greater openness in almost linear terms. The only variation of great magnitude is in the long central fraction, with very much solos. For the rest, the song does not vary much on the macroscopic level, although many different arrangements and so many small changes make it more faceted. In any case, songwriting is stratospheric, the rhythms scratch the dignity and above all the atmosphere is of great impact: it is the latter the best secret of a single track, which opens the album with the bang! The next White Circles is almost as opposed to the former. His long strings are placid with the splendid John Knight’s voice (halfway between John Arch and Geoff Tate) above the piano, the clean guitar and the rhythm section, while the metal has some trace. This tranquility is not going to last: soon the hills are torn, melodic but with a certain tension, which then accentuates in the ritornelles. They take mid-thrust between modern thrash and metalcore and envelop the listener with a hood of darkness, thanks also to Knight who sings almost in scream. It is a overwhelming progression that strikes with great force; The same can be said of the long central section, divided in half between still aggressive instincts and long expanded moments, almost psychedelic. It is a further enrichment for another excerpt, more or less at the level of the previous one!

After a fat and heavy intro, Human Inhuman is more direct than the Synaptik’s have used us so far. At least this is the norm that holds for a long time strokes, fat and thrash / groove tones, with traces of the depth felt in the past: they prefer instead to point to pure impact. But the British do not abandon their style: in fact, the song becomes less simple and darker, almost extreme, before it opens up for a progressive brand of rituals, with its dissonance and intense, almost lancinous atmosphere. It goes in the same direction also the central, winding section, which alternates impact and other decomposed and technical steps, and the small fraction that is placed in the end, which takes over the soul. They are both enrichment for a still high quality track.

Conscience, which follows, has a somewhat vortic start, passing first through a hint of prog to settle for a much more placid norm. For long stretches, we have an almost intimist evolution, denoted by Ian Knight and Jack Murton’s turns with a Middle Eastern overgrowth rather than vague. However, it is not a norm to last: in its evolution, music becomes more dense and powerful, as long as the center does not speed up with bullying. We have a long section full of time changes, in which technical gaps divide powerful joints for a remarkable frenzy effect, which advances until the whole thing suddenly goes out. It is the beginning of a slow and placid interlude, with the guitar cleaned alone under the voice of the singer Knight. From here the song begins to grow again, but the pathos are always palpable, both in soft strokes and in power returns. Only in the end the song takes on the sounds already heard, with rhythms that go back to scratching but more creepy than before. Despite the many steps, almost everything in the track works and in the short nine minutes there are a few bumps. The result is a song that, while being the least beautiful of this first part, is of a very high standard: it would be among the most beautiful pieces in almost every album!

Without a pause, attached to the final of the previous one comes Esc Ctrl, which however changes the way to a more square and powerful norm. The speed is never high, but the riff, decomposed and proganized, can still hit both dark charge and power. This happens both in the most granitic and direct moments, as well as in those that tend to be somewhat more in the atmosphere, though the best of it is the escape from the almost death metal riffage that brings the listener into a dark labyrinth. Only occasionally the piece opens for quieter traits, in which the typical Synaptik sentimental force returns to the fore. In the final there is also room for a long straight and linear progression with a slow and deep riffage, halfway between djent and doom, which gives a touch of extra cuckoo at all. It’s one of the important steps of a piece, but it is of a high standard in every engagement and in every phrasing: the result is just below the opening duo for quality! So far the Synaptik have not made a mistake

Justify & Reason is a very good album,  it could be immortal. In any case, if you like the more alienated and     angry propaganda of the progressive metal and you love modern metal, it is same recommended. If nothing else, the first five tracks are worth listening to, and you will love it."

Rating: 82/100  Mattia

New review from METALHEAD.IT review  (Italy) 8.5/10 (Below)

Read it here……..Thanks to Luca Zakk
Few highlights below taken from the review
This English band gives a new meaning to that set of subgenres cataloged as’ progressive-metal – making a record that enhances technique, is fine to itself (virtuosity) and in terms of overall arrangements, pushes on Power pedal with sharp and heavy riffs of thrash / death origin (with small black tones) but melody, offering engaging, seductive and very deep harmonies … all with a truly talented vocalist. “The Incredible Machine” is thunderous, thrilling and boasts a brilliant refrain. It starts with a sweet “White Circle“, then explodes in a blast of ruthless riffs, on which the great singer dare to push even to a nearly growl convincing. “Human / Inhuman” is the song that the Symphony X has no longer been able to write, except that this version is pumped by a steroid overdose, with the technical excellence we usually find with the Dream Theater. “Conscience“: beaten before a gentle parenthesis where the guitar is pure excellence, with bass and drums stretching a twisted carpet just to give ample space to magnificent excesses of 6/7 strings, with an ensemble that reminds me Conception Compilers. “Esc Ctrl” is crazy, offers irregular times, expresses those fancy prog, but does not deny bad parentheses and theatrical divagations. They have been around since 2012, but this the second release, the five fresh tracks, the new ones, are a bang, they are grinning and every listening reveals new scenarios, new details, giving the songs to grow naturally in the mind of the listener, who can not help but excite, get excited and get triggered. Technique and melody, power and unlimited metal dose. I did not hear such an album so efficient. Provocative and stimulating.”
Luca Zakk 8.5/10


Excellent almost perfect review in Germany’s top Metal print Magazine DEAF FOREVER MAGAZINE GERMANY     9.5/10 

Deaf Forever magazine – it features an interview with SYNAPTIK as well as a review.

(Translation below picture)

Translation (Thanks to Frank Reding for this)

“With “The Mechanism of Consequence”, Brits Synaptik already planted a a big exclamation mark; “Justify & Reason” should, if all works well, finally root the name in the brains of the Progressive Metal community. The opener “The Incredible Machine” already locates the five-piece somewhere between Psychotic Waltz, Communic, Marillion, and Mekong Delta. The technical capabilities of the musicians is extraordinary, just as the steadily growing chorus, and the whole production will easily satisfy international demands. The flair for melody here is pretty unique even for this genre. While the five altogether fantastic new tracks (the album is “padded” with three remixed songs from the debut) swing from peak to peak, one has to ask oneself, and not for the first time, why banal fire and forgettable music sells, while profound, demanding, and lasting music like the one from Synaptik, or the comparable Memento Waltz, is forced to continue to creep along the edges. A real shame, since “Justify & Reason” is an upcoming genre classic!

Michael Kohsiek  Deaf Forever Magazine – Germany


Synaptik 8/10 Review for new album in POWERPLAY MAGAZINE.
Thanks to David Thrower.








Huge thanks to METAL-TEMPLE.COM for this 9/10 review of new album “JUSTIFY & REASON”

Here’s a snippet…….read the whole review HERE 

Album of the year then? It’s definitely a contender. There have been some tremendous releases so far in 2017 and we still have eight months left to enjoy, but SYNAPTIK have thrown the gauntlet down with this one. “Justify & Reason” is a masterpiece, end of.”
Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Production: 9
Memorability: 10″



Huge thanks to Andy Synn (aptik)  at for his killer review.
(who, despite the name of the web page) Really loved our new album.
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Read review below –


Norwich-based Progressive Power-Thrash quintet Synaptik are one of the UK metal scene’s hidden gems, and their dynamic fusion of tumultuous, Tech-Thrash riffs, dramatic melodies, and fluid, progressive song structures should by rights appeal to anyone who considers themselves even a passing fan of bands like Nevermore, Into Eternity, and Evergrey.

Take, for example, stunning opener “The Incredible Machine”, which combines taut, hi-tech guitar work, rapid-fire drums, and cleverly catchy rhythms – not to mention one truly fantastic multi-layered, multi-part chorus – into one stunning package.

The individual talents of the band are, of course, absolutely impeccable (with particular credit going to the powerhouse performance of drummer Pete Loades and the stunning vocals of singer John Knight), but collectively the group, and their influences, make up far more than the mere sum of their parts, and this song in particular is well on its way to becoming one of my favourites of 2017.

The first half of “Human Inhuman” fuses pulse-quickening grooves and nimble, Rush-influenced fretwork to another effortlessly infectious chorus, which makes an instant impact without sacrificing an iota of intelligence or integrity in the process, before eventually making way for a truly spellbinding lead/solo section that lifts the song to an even higher level of consciousness.

By way of contrast, “Conscience” initially finds the bad slowing the pace down and indulging their progressive proclivities a little more, particularly when it comes to the flowing tapestry woven by guitarists Jack Murton and Ian Knight.

That being said, the song doesn’t suffer at all as a result, nor is it entirely bereft of heavier moments, frequently displaying some surprisingly dark and doomy tendencies which contrast nicely with John Knight’s emphatic and emotive delivery.

Knight’s vocals initially dominate “White Circles”, with the track’s softer opening giving him a chance to display the more sedate and sombre side of his repertoire, but things quickly pick up with a significant injection of almost unreasonably hooky, and surprisingly heavy, riffage, the song then moving back and forth between solemn, piano-tinged minimalism and soaring, provocative Power-Thrash, building to a far heavier second half of chattering, chug-friendly riffs and spiralling solo work.

Culminating with the catchy complexity of “Esc Ctrl” – twitching, off-kilter guitars and shining, steel-clad hooks melded into one immensely impressive display of hard-hitting, forward-thinking Prog Metal – Justify & Reason is the sort of album that deserves every bit of praise and acclaim it receives… and more!

9 out of 10 Review for new album _ Massive thanks to Zephyrs-Odem  “Justify & Reason” (Click the link to read.)



Massive thanks to  for the kind words here.




Another great review from    _ Click the link to read.



ANOTHER GREAT REVIEW: Synaptik – Justify & Reason (Heart Of Steel Records, Divebomb Records & The Snakes on Fire Records 2017) (CD, Vinyl, Digital & Double CD)
BIGSPLASHMUSIC.EU ……….Click the link to read.
Wow. They really loved the album. Cheers…..Loads of great reviews today. Thanks Karima. 😉

Fantastic review 4.5 out of 5
Massive thanks to Justin at
Here’s a snippet
“Synaptik has leveled up in every way with this album. Justify & Reason is exactly the kind of release that should put them on progressive metal fans’ radar, especially those fans whose tastes go beyond the Dream Theater school of prog metal and into the heavier end of the spectrum. Fans of Watchtower, Nevermore, Evergrey and Control Denied in particular should absolutely love what Synaptik is doing here. The year is young, but Justify & Reason is one of the most exciting progressive metal releases of 2017.”




Out of all the bands reviewed that month on 
 new album “Justify & Reason” comes in at 3. Cool.
(Click link to read)
“At the top of the March sound check, the motto is clearly “Thrash with Class”.
Both HAVOK and HARLOTT take this into account with excellent albums that stand a little ahead of the rest of a very strong month. And third place. SYNAPTIK can be safely assigned to the (progressive) thrashy sounds. But there is also a lot of class to be admired
Here is a link to each of the reviewers review of our latest album – very positive feedback.
 Give them a read – then go buy the album in our shop. Massive thanks to all the reviewers at
Power who voted Synaptik 3rd place in the POWERMETAL.DE  releases SOUNDCHECK 03/2017



A great review by IWANNAWEARBLACK – Check it out. (Click the link or image above)



Thanks to ROCKFREAKS.NET for the great review…… 7.5/10
 review 8/10 Click here 
Another great review- we are thrilled that the new album is being received so well.



POWERMETAL.DE Review 8/10 (This states only 5 tracks but new album has 9 tracks)

Click here for review (or image above)

Snippet of the review (Translated from German best I can JK)

SYNAPTIK still plays Techno-Thrash / Prog-Metal in the first class, but the sound has become much more modern, more expressive, more transparent, and Conscience even adds more depth to the sound.


Another brilliant review for “Justify & Reason” Thanks JUPITER-VARIATION – HERE

…….what is obvious is how self confident Synaptik sound in the new album which in my opinion is absolutely justifiable given the quality of the material. To be honest, I am so enthusiastic of the final result that I would easily put “Justify & Reason” next to gems of the past like Nosferatu by Helstar or Never, Neverland by Annihilator. Compositions, production etc. all the elements are in the right place to validate my judgement and qualify this album in the A-league of current metal bands…….”



Great review from Streetcliptv. HERE   9/10




New album review –  Massive thanks to Guitar-Sphere for this.



Thanks to PROGSTRAVAGANZA for this great review.



Thanks to POWEROFMETAL for the cool review of “Justify & Reason”



Thanks to ROCKINGCHARTS.COM for the great review of our upcoming album.
With this new album, I find SynaptiK taking a more aggressive approach to their melodic Prog-Power Metal. The riffs seem more assertive, the pace more brisk. While the previous The Mechanisms of Consequence had some infusions of melodic metal, even some Rock nuances, the songs within Justify & Reason definitely turn more upon heavier Progressive Power Metal. Yet, even so neither melody and harmony (whether by guitar or vocals), nor rhythm and groove, are sacrificed at the altar metal heaviness. Something of a musical signature to SynaptiK is the tandem playfulness between guitars and rhythm section, with generous solos to be found between each, in most every song. Singer John Knight sings clean and strong, but he also rises above the powerful arrangements.

Altogether, SynaptiK’s Justify & Reason is bigger, bolder, and more assertive with the push into heavier, yet still Progressive, melodic Power metal. I think you’ll like it. Easily recommended. 



Review of new “Justify & Reason” album METALHORIZONS.COM

Although the voice alone gives this album a heavy yet melodic edge, the entire arrangement pounds the sonic threshold of the listener into submission. Whether its faster songs like “Conscience” or down tempo stomping machines like “White Circles”, there is a consistent picture of a mighty fist slamming itself down on a stone table and commanding your undivided attention. Balancing out the simple yet aggressive riffs and backing instruments are flashy leads of guitarists Ian Knight and Jack Murton.
“Justify & Reason” is a powerful statement from a band that is hungry to show what their abilities are, and according to this they have much more to offer. Grab this record, you’ll not regret.

Check it out.

Vinyl artwork



PROGARCHY Review – New Album

(Snippet) “Many of the songs have spectacular, catchy riffs to go along with the verses that vocalist John Knight provides. While he still has a voice for power metal, he’s also able to actually sing with his voice with strong amount of control and a variety of range, Ian Knight’s and Jack Murton’s guitar work is pretty solid here. They definitely have some strokes of brilliance in their many solos, particularly in the opening “The Incredible Machine”, surely one of the highlights of “Justify & Reason.



PROGSTONE review Review Justify & Reason

“Justify & Reason” is a colorful one. It aims to create a style of music that combines a wide range of influences ranging from Primal Fear, Fates Warning, Yngwie Malmsteen, Rush and much more. This album is so wide-ranging indeed that it’s like a playlist of various artists, vehemently consisting of unpredictable and at times familiar surprises on each track. Without a doubt, this is a band so developed that they’re not afraid of experimentation. The changes in the tone are achieved so precisely with each instrument that it seems they can carefully adapt any given style to their liking. And the result: a very prog, Fates Warning-esque riff in one moment, contrasting that with a blast from the past, then a very theatrical chorus with a power metal approach the next. You can clearly hear a band that engages in having fun while cleaving away from the typical here.  Justify & Reason” is a daring album with a wide sonic spectrum; soft and loud, mild and aggressive, all evenly carried out with technical fluency.”



Erich Robbers – ROCKCASTLE-FRANKEN.DE 9/10

Excellent review from Erich at Rock Castle Franken-
Translation (as best can below (or click pic above)

Synaptik are a still quite fresh ProgMetal band from the UK, which in 2012 from the bands Fifth Season, Inner Sanctum and Twisted Autumn Darkness. With “Justify & Reason” the band follows the debut “The Mechanisms of Consequence” from 2014 and presents five new songs of extraordinary format.

In fact, the band around singer John Knight combines intricate, progressive rhythms with hard, often thrashy stuff that brings the band close to acts like Nevermore (often compared in the press) or Watchtower. So the catchy “The Incredible Machine” starts thrashing hard, but after a short time turns to the progmetal lovers of this world and enchants with a multi-voice refrain. The riffs come cracking and create a really nice sound wall. Outstanding with what finesse and play with the guitarists Ian Knight and Jack Murton go to work. Since it probably presumably also diehard ProgMetal protagonists the language.

Singer John Knight has a really great metal organ for this style. In more melodic, quieter passages he resembles Threshold‘s Damian Wilson. At all, “Justify & Reason” is richly varied for the Prog gourmet. “White Circles” is based on a playful, melodic beginning with thrash shouts in the chorus, but on the other hand a great guitar singer and Jack’s Damian Wilson resemblance is particularly important here.

In “Human Inhuman“, the beginning is more broken up with staccato riffs, hard rhythms garnished with keyboards and a first-class refrain. “Conscience”, on the other hand, can be attributed to a very slight oriental orientation, but at the latest the break in the middle of the song celebrates Shadow Gallery-like beauty. In general, many parts in Synaptik recall some of Lanfear‘s grand actions, Vanden Plas, or more recent things like the recently released Septagon.

Hectic, confused at “Esc Ctrl“. 7 minutes of disharmonic tones, which are part of a big whole and make the song a song. The confusion of the general computer age is finally balanced to the point after all oppositeness. Interesting and exciting.

In order to give the album even more depth and probably also to gain a little more length Synaptik still have three songs of the addressed debut “The Mechanisms of Consequence“. Here you notice the somewhat “simpler” sound in the face of the new pieces. Still, these three songs are pearls of Progmetal art.A Man Dies” has something dramatic in itself and traces of old Fates Warning. “As I Was, As I Am” then, with Frickel-Opening and very catchy melodic instrumental-part, will be in the ubiquitous Dream Theater score. In the end, you end up with “Your Cold Dead Trace” even spatially, with which also Alan Tecchio (Watchtower) the honor gives. Pardoned singer, who takes good care of the happenings.

Justify & Reason is an album that is not allowed to pass on any ProgMetal fan with a tendency to tougher sounds. The album grows with every run and you always discover something new. For me, Synaptik belong to the top of the scene right now and they can stay calm. Top cost of the British progressive music kitchen. Good Appetite.
Erich Robbers.



Another great review for “Justify & Reason” From Metal Warehouse

Click the link.



Dark Art Conspiracy – Review “Justify & Reason” 2017 (click link for whole review)


Justify & Reason” displays exquisite textured and highly melodic metal that still packs a deadly bite. Each song is expertly crafted and progresses effortlessly in an epic manner, aided by the sheer length of all the songs, as well as the rich flair of sounds and technical showmanship exhibited throughout, in every element. The bands already signature sound stands strong and it will surely assert itself in the metal scene. There is simply no ‘justified reason’ not to listen and admire this impressive collection of songs.”






First review in for the new Remixed version of “The Mechanisms of Consequence

Jupiter Variation – reviewed it very favourably.
Click here to read.







Reviews below are for debut album “THE MECHANISMS OF CONSEQUENCE” (Click on image below to buy Now at a fantastic SALE price of only £2.50 !!!! Its a steal!)  Absolute bargain.
Spread the word.



SynaptiK‘s “The Mechanisms Of Consequence” has been voted by Italy-based Heavy Metal Heaven as one of the best 5 non-Italian albums of 2015. (Although released in 2014, it wasn’t until 2015 that they had an opportunity to hear the album.)

Here’s an English translation of what they had to say:

The silver medal goes to a debuting but exceptional band. It is in fact difficult to have substance and not be boring if you play Progressive or Technical Thrash but these English guys have hit bulls-eye with their intricate sound that remains attentive to melody.”

Read the full article by clicking HERE (Or click image above – initial review is below)

A huge THANK YOU to Heavy Metal Heaven and to Mattia L.



Germany’s amazing print Magazine DEAF FOREVER loved the debut album 8/10
The Mechanisms Of Consequence
Rebel Tune Records (CD)
SZ: 52:06 / VÖ: already released
Style: Progressive Power Metal
Ian and John have already collaborated with Inner Sanctum, who recently received a formidable demo-legacy from Divebomb Records on CD. Now SYNAPTIK has a new operating field and this can convince from the front to the rear with a style that hardly anyone plays today. Without a song failure, but as a bonus with Alan Tecchio as a formidablem guest supporter supported, progpower-thrasht is marvelously unbreakable through the prairie without neglecting the melodylines. Even those US metalers, who like to be more complex, should be in dire need of an ear here. Whoever has called “Memento Waltz!” Last year must definitely follow “Synaptik!” This year. A question must be allowed: How can you bless such an artwork as a band, label or someone else?




Another great review – HEAVY METAL HEAVEN (Click to see full review) (Italian)


Click HERE for English translation. (Thanks to Chris Knight for this)

Translation of full review soon. Here is the translation of the brief review.
Compared with many Progressive bands, all technique and no passion, English band Synaptik give significant attention to the musical aspect of their art, as their first full-length “The Mechanisms of Consequence” (2014) indicates. The band’s Progressive/Thrash Metal style can accurately be described as a fusion between Watchtower and the Fates Warning of “Awaking The Centuries”, also because John Knight is very close to John Arch regarding vocal tonality. Then there’s also the incredible songwriting: as manifested in songs such as ‘A Man Dies’, ‘Your Cold Dead Trace’ and ‘As I Am, As I Was’. More broadly-speaking, each track reeks of absolute quality, even with less attractive tracks such as ‘Utopia In Your Eyes’ and ‘Irresistible Shade’; for this reason “The Mechanisms Of Consequence” is a true masterpiece, enthusiastically recommended for fans of the genre.” Mattia L

Cheers Mattia.



Excellent review from WORSHIP METAL – Thanks to Chris Jennings


Chris Jennings –

We’re a little behind the times here – Synaptik’s debut album The Mechanisms Of Consequence has been knocking around for a fair few months now – but we’ll consider ourselves fashionably late as there was no way we could ignore this slab of UK Prog/Thrash mastery once we’d heard it!

Clearly sipping from the font of towering deities Nevermore – no bad thing, they are gods of Prog Metal/Thrash after all – Synaptik are that rare breed; a UK band showcasing real finesse, true technicality – although not at the expense of neck-snapping riffs – and a progressive air that’s both bracing and intimidatingly menacing.

As noted, Nevermore seem to be the chief inspiration – as highlighted by the powerful “Truths that Wake” and “A Man Dies” – but there’s also a Dream Theater vibe echoing throughout. No more so than on the suitably epic “As I Am, As I Was”, which channels the same melodic vocals over chug-heavy riffing of Dream Theater at their heaviest. A punishing affair replete with uplifting chorus, this album highlight is a tight display of technically accomplished riffing underscored by intense bursts of fiendish melody and a drive that makes its 7mins+ seemingly fly by in half the time.

To be fair, The Mechanisms Of Consequence is the kind of album that you immediately expect to have come from the States. It’s just the norm to hear this brand of confident and brash Prog Thrash emanate from our transatlantic cousins. There’s traces of Watchtower, the aforementioned Nevermore and even trace a lineage to Chuck Schuldiner’s work with Death (we’re thinking Symbolic onwards) and his Control Denied project. Refreshingly, these old dogs (Synaptik are veterans and you can hear years of experience in each and every sublime moment) are from good old Blighty no less and it truly is a breath of fresh air to have a UK band tackle the genre with such consummate ease.

There’s promising debuts and then there’s promising debuts….The Mechanisms Of Consequence is a real attention-grabber and could very well be the start of great things! 8/10



reviews are still coming in from worldwide – heres a great one from Finland.
78%/100 Metal Revolution (Click Here)




Short but very cool Live review in this months ZERO TOLERANCE magazine for our performance at TITANFEST in London early this year. 11908313_1042389605773507_662569245_n





Another great review for SYNAPTIK “The Mechanisms of Consequence”

For a collected version of “The Mechanisms of Consequence” reviews click HERE (for highlights – or read full versions below)




METAL HAMMER (Greece) – This time its the turn of Metal Hammer Greece to review the album- and they loved it-

8 out of 10
Here’s a translation (as best we could)



“Music forgotten by time is reborn in the debut album album by this English band.
Bands such as WATCHTOWER, PSYCHOTIC WALTZ, ATHEIST but also CONTROL DENIED / DEATH wake up from their
Rest as other Mumm-Ra’s and roar through ‘The Mechanisms of Consequences‘ album…,which came almost unexpectedly, although the past of the band members in Fifth Season is a type of quality guarantee. How can you remain apathetic when feeling the tech-thrash/prog vibrations of ‘A man dies‘ and ‘As I am, as I was‘?
Oh, and Alan Tecchio (Watchtower/Hades/Silent Assassins etc) participates
on the track ‘Your Cold Dead Trace’.
How can this get any better?”









Another fantastic review just in for SYNAPTIK “The Mechanisms of Consequence” album.
7 out of 8 Power Points in this month’s UK POWER PLAY MAGAZINE.






A great review of the debut album just in from BEHIND THE VEIL Webzine  Follow the link to see  7/10




Awesome review of SYNAPTIK “The Mechanisms of Consequence “ album by METAL-TEMPLE.COM
9 /10 (Almost Perfect)
Excellent. \m/
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“Rare is the day you hear a UK band willing to tackle the Technical / Progressive Thrash Metal waters, but we have one right in front of us with SYNAPTIK. Beginning their career in 2012, “The Mechanisms of Consequence” is their debut full-length record, an interesting release because there aren’t many bands these days reaching back into the late 80’s/ early 90’s style in terms of Melodic/Power vocals and equally challenging, energetic musical arrangements.

If bands like BELIEVER, WATCHTOWER, ATHEIST, and NEVERMORE mean something to your collection, SYNAPTIK offer plenty to provide endless appeal. Vocalist John Knight has a killer Melodic voice, able to hit notes low and high with grace, power, and a ton of conviction. Comparisons run from Matt Barlow to Warrel Dane and Geoff Tate to Michael Bastholm Dahl of ARTILLERY on “Truths That Wake” and highlight “Vacancy of Mind”. The guitar riffing and rhythm changes are exemplary, requiring multiple exposures to take in all of the action on display – but never so technical that you get a headache from the aural action.

The band can handle off to the races tempos like the maze oriented epic “As I Am, As I Was” and then settle in to a more restrained attack for “Allies” – the Power and Progressive chord combinations requiring precise timing and execution for maximum cranial/ body impact. Couple this with a bonus second version of “Your Cold Dead Trace” that concludes the record as guest singer Alan Tecchio proves his upper echelon status in the genre, and it’s very easy to see how this UK act is gaining a decent buzz.

So if you are looking for a band that can challenge your mind musically and vocally, but still appreciate the heaviness of Thrash, SYNAPTIK possess the right tools to win you over. I’m already salivating over the next release.

**********9/10 Almost Perfect







Another excellent review for SYNAPTIK “The Mechanisms of Consequence” Album.
ROCK HARD MAGAZINE (Germany) rated it 8/10
Rock Hard Magazine (Germany) rated “The Mechanisms of Consequence8/10 Points in their November issue.
Das Rock Hard gibt “The Mechanisms of Consequence” 8 von 10 Punkten in der Novemberausgabe.Das Album gibt´s hier…/get your copy here:










(Poland) Gave “The Mechanisms of Consequence” a fantastic review.

4/5 *****  (Translation soon.)






Mark Ashby @
***** Stars 🙂
One of the most impressive debut albums which this reviewer has had the pleasure of hearing for a very, very long time. There is a new wave of British heavy metal coming, featuring guys who actually know how to play their instruments, with both passion and prowess, and can write powerful, intelligent songsSynaptiK could, and should, be riding on the top of this wave……….Definitely – and defiantly – one of the most impressive acts to have taken to the New Blood Stage at this past summer’s Bloodstock, East Anglia’s SynaptiK have subsequently produced a debut album that is fervent, fresh and vibrant in equal measure…….Straddling, with consummate ease, the death, groove, progressive and thrash metal genres, ‘The Mechanisms Of Consequence’ combines the aggression of the likes of Lamb Of God and VoiVod with the progressive sensibilities of Dream Theater, Queensryche………….vocalist John Knight possesses a range not dissimilar to that of a more baritone Geoff Tate – and Meshuggah and the power and speed of classic metal acts as diverse as Testament, Trivium, Iron Maiden and Hammerfall…………JK’s vocals soar and sweep majestically over the magnificent musical landscape below them.”





Excellent review of the new album from – Thanks …….
This is probably the most exciting debut I’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing. Got your attention? Good, because from here on it only gets better.……..the technical level of all Synaptik’s musicians is impressive ……….solos have a neo-classical edge to them, which I really liked, and the bass lines of Kev Jackson are powerful without harming the compositional integrity of the songs………John Knight, Synaptik’s lead vocalist, sings like a young Geoff Tate capable of going from subtlety to cathartic aggression at the drop of a hat. …….Great vocal harmonies, a tightness to die for and originality aplenty……. Though I tried, I failed to identify the band’s Achilles heel.

If Synaptik play their cards right, (Metal) world domination could be within their grasp.”




Massive thanks to Justin at for this great album review.
8/10. Brilliant See it reproduced below by Justin Gaines
– Senior Columnist –

UK-based technical metal band Synaptik makes their debut this year with a full-length album titled The Mechanisms of Consequence. Synaptik is a new band, but its members have an established track record. Guitarist Ian Knight, vocalist John Knight and bassist Kev Jackson were previously in the band Inner Sanctum (whose 2013 collection Knowledge At Hand: The Anthology is highly recommended), and you can hear that band’s roots in Synaptik’s sound.

With The Mechanisms of Consequence, Synaptik pays tribute to classic technical metal bands like Atheist, Anacrusis, Hades and Watchtower while incorporating elements of modern prog, thrash and more aggressive metal (anywhere from Mindwork to Between the Buried and Me). The end result is a perfect storm of metal aggression and technical precision. Like a more accessible Watchtower, and with a more metal crunch to go along with the mathematics. With harsh vocals it could pass for a technical death metal album. The vocals are clean though, and quite effective at that. Knight has a great range and plenty of power, sounding a bit like Warrell Dane and Matt Barlow at times. Speaking of vocals, the CD version of The Mechanisms of Consequence boasts an alternate version of the song “Your Cold Dead Trace” featuring former Watchtower frontman Alan Tecchio singing, which is a nice nod to one of the band’s obvious influences.

Your Cold Dead Trace” (either version), “Vacancy of Mind” and “Allies” are highlights of the album, but The Mechanisms of Consequence is very strong from start to finish, and at 52 minutes it never starts to drag the way some longer prog metal albums tend to do.

The Mechanisms of Consequence is one of those albums that has the potential to win over converts from multiple genres (in this case progressive and thrash metal), but in a year loaded with great releases also has the potential to be overlooked completely. Here’s hoping that isn’t the case. If you like your technical metal to have some heavy metal spirit and your thrash to have a strong technical side, Synaptik is a band you’re going to want to check out.

lLabel: Rebel Tune Records

Website: www.synaptikmetal.comHardrock Haven Rating: 8/10




Review for our album “The Mechanisms of Consequence”
Another great one from Metal to infinity






Massive thanks to Michael at for this great album review.





Brilliant review from

14 out of 15

Translation below
Well, listening to this five-piece from Norwich, most metalheads will have to call a technician – or at least the best pupil of the local music school. Technical Power Metal is scheduled for today’s class,
Guitarists Ian Knight and Jack Murton name as their influences such bands as  DEATH, PESTILENCE, WATCHTOWER, ATHEIST and guitarists like Paul Gilbert, Jeff Loomis,   the Amott brothers or Gus G.
Although you wouldn’t file SYNAPTIK under Death Metal, which is mainly because of the clear and sometimes high pitch vocals by John Knight, but you can picture the guys absorbing SADUS and DEATH albums. However, we are talking about a technical versed ensemble here and thus you shouldn’t expect any easy to digest 4/4 patterns that any village band could cover. Nonetheless, the Knight brothers and their band takes some effort to give their songs a catchy edge and a good dose of melody. Still, there’s hardly any song that needs less than 5 minutes to evolve properly. Once the willing musical center of your brain has given in to the bands’ music, songs like “Utopia in our Eyes” or “Vacancy of Mind” turn out to be very convincing.
Even ex-Hades/ex-Watchtower siren Alan Tecchio couldn’t resist participating and he sang the vocals on “Your Cold Dead Trace”. His style of course totally fits the music and fans of HADES will be blown away by this song. Tecchio recently also appeared on MIKE LEPOND’S SILENT ASSASSINS, but he fits better with the more powerful songs of SYNAPTIK. The original version of “Your Cold Dead Trace” turns out to sound like an awesome mixture of NEVERMORE and TITAN FORCE. Brilliant.
The bands musical preferences for Death and Thrash Metal is detectible in some of the riffs, but the listener will rather think of bands like MEKONG DELTA, PSYCHOTIC WALTZ, THRESHOLD, SIEGES EVEN, NEVERMORE or SANCTUARY when listening to “The Mechanisms Of Consequence”. And by the way, the latest SANCTUARY album is way less technical then the debut album of these British metalheads.
If you are looking for ambitious, melodic Heavy Metal with crystal clear vocals and sledgehammer riffs, SYNAPTIK will be the right band for you.
Should the European Union ever decide to have technical Thrash/Power Metal only played by certified technicians, these gentlemen will not have to worry. On the contrary: I would like to see those examiners that will not be outplayed by these guys. A fulminant debut in all respects!



Review 8/10 for “The Mechanisms of Consequence” album. \m/
Scroll down for the English version on the review page.


Bleeding Metal review


Another great review for the new album.
\m/ 7/10



Excellent review of SYNAPTIK ‘The Mechanisms of Consequence by Marcus Jervis (Powerplay Magazine (UK Print Magazine))

Synaptik ‘The Mechanisms Of Consequence’
Genre: Progressive Metal
(Rebel Tune Records)

Having cleaned up at the eastern region Metal To The Masses competition and wowed the Bloodstock festival as a result, it’s already been a good year for Synaptik, but with the release of their debut album, it’s about to get a whole lot better.
The Suffolk-based five-piece draw on a wealth of experience to emerge as a near-as-damn-it perfect modern metal band. Synaptik have their feet in many camps; ‘Vacancy Of Mind’ pummels with the hard-thrashing brutality of early Slayer; ‘As I Am, As I Was’ is one of a number of tracks that expertly explore staccato riffing and rhythmic syncopation with a nod towards contemporary greats like Slipknot without ever becoming derivative, while album highlight ‘A Man Dies’ takes its killer hooks from the vintage metal school of Priest and early Queensryche.
It’s the sort of volatile musical mix that could easily fall apart, but whether it’s guitarists Ian Knight and Jack Murton trading riffs & solos like cage fighters trading blows, or bassist Kev Jackson and drummer Pete Loades locking down a relentless rhythmic battery, Synaptik have the technical chops to deliver with aplomb, while upfront, vocalist John Knight allows his full range to fly free, giving an expert lesson in both melody and aggression.
At the moment, Synaptik are the best new British metal band you’ve never heard. But on the evidence of this album, that’s going to change very soon.


Album review 8.5 /10. 😀,24802.html

Here’s the best translation I can get, (as lot of slang and phrases google translate can’t handle)

Tech-Thrash anyone?

Unlike other genres, not that often does a highlight appear in this niche, therefore fans should deal immediately with Synaptik.

The British band from Norwich provides delicacies for all of us who would redeem the entire DESTRUCTION discography for a new WATCHTOWER album and listen to PSYCHOTIC WALTZ in the morning while brushing your teeth. Despite its complexity  “Mechanisms Of Consequence”, (the debut of the band), you can also headbang along easily too, this is a quality that pervades the entire album and listeners immediately pick up with different listening habits in the opener ‘Truth That Wake’. The very good and not at all clinical drumming blends so beautifully with the pumping bass and the melodic egg slicer work. Not as crazy as “Control And Resistance” the melodic prog metal edge is more dominant. That does not necessarily mean that you could not jump in the pit to ‘Vacancy Of Mind’ or ‘Allies’ and drummer Pete Loades delivers, which is to have almost as a counterpart to singer John Knight for all sorts of rhythmic obscenities.

Speaking of singers: Our Mister Knight fits his vocals into the songs with perfect stylistics, so unerringly he finished the song perfectly. Self-confidence he seems to have in large amounts, because the number ‘Your Cold Dead Trace’, (which is featured a second time on the album.) with no less than ……. drum roll,……..: Alan Tecchio. Although this man is playing a whole league higher,  this is still a serious compliment for our newcomers from Britain.

Conclusion: If you whistle HADES before bedtime and watch cartoons with only SPASTIC INK soundtrack, Synaptik needs checking out.


SYNAPTIK – Number 2 in the latest album release charts, (2nd only to Sanctuary!!)
Others in the list NonPoint, Evergrey, Slash & Cannibal Corpse (See link below),78.html



Trendkill Magazine – (AUSTRALIA)  Album Review by Ben Smash
synaptik album review


Great live review of SYNAPTIK‘s recent gig with Reign of Fury @ B2 in August 2014.
Australian Online Magazine Trendkill. Cheers to Ben Smash
synaptik live review





Rock Bandom Radio / Magazine quick Review of the album.
Rock Bandom  (<—Full page details here)



Synaptik are due to launch their new album in the next few weeks (The Mechanisms Of Consequence) and here at Rock Bandom we have had the pleasure of reviewing it.

Being slightly biased (as they’re friends of ours)  hasn’t swayed our honest judgment. We can assure you it is ‘Brilliance’ at its best.

Full of melodic highs and lows topped with outstanding metal music and vocals that makes your hair stand on end.

It really is a great mix with each song screaming out a storyline, this album has done these guys justice and shows raw talent from a deserving band. All in all we feel this will be the one to take them to higher places.” Scotty

Matt Rudzinski (KILLWHITNEYDEAD ) Cool words about upcoming album release from Tribunal/Divebomb Records boss / KILLWHITNEYDEAD singer Matt.
Album unleashed worldwide 17th October.
“The INNER SANCTUM guys have a new band called SYNAPTIK, I just got done previewing their new album, “The Mechanisms of Consequence” and it blew me away.
It’s heavy, Thrashy, Proggy, very Techincal, then add in the soaring vocals of John Knight and boom!
The album features Alan Tecchio (WATCHTOWER, HADES) guesting on one track so that will give you an idea of where the album is genre-wise.
Great stuff I hope to have some copies available in the store soon!”
check out and grab our previous band INNER SANCTUM‘s Double Album “Knowledge At Hand: The Anthology”