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SYNAPTIK are starting to appear on a few end of year Best of 2017 Album lists

Huge thanks to ROCK HARD MAGAZINE Germany for its SynaptiK ‘Justify & Reason’ album review.

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Massive thanks to for including

SYNAPTIK ‘Justify & Reason’ in their end of year best albums of 2017.  Awesome.
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Metallum Sub Terra 

SynaptiK ‘Justify & Reason’. More prog (metal) on my top 10. The impact bands like Synaptik have on me & should be having to a far wider audience just shouldn’t be estimated. Also in possession of one of the finest voices in the genre.


Thanks to UberRock for listing Synaptik in the top albums of 2017

Congratulations also to our friends Shrapnel (and for the heads up)


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