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Interview & Review in Germany’s DEAF FORVER Magazine

Interview in this months DEAF-FOREVER Magazine in Germany, please check it out. (9.5 review below)  Excellent review of SYNAPTIK “Justify & Reason” 9.5/10 Massive thanks to Michael Kohsiek. (Translation below… we can)

Translation (Thanks to Frank Reding for this)

“With “The Mechanism of Consequence”, Brits Synaptik already planted a a big exclamation mark; “Justify & Reason” should, if all works well, finally root the name in the brains of the Progressive Metal community. The opener “The Incredible Machine” already locates the five-piece somewhere between Psychotic Waltz, Communic, Marillion, and Mekong Delta. The technical capabilities of the musicians is extraordinary, just as the steadily growing chorus, and the whole production will easily satisfy international demands. The flair for melody here is pretty unique even for this genre. While the five altogether fantastic new tracks (the album is “padded” with three remixed songs from the debut) swing from peak to peak, one has to ask oneself, and not for the first time, why banal fire and forgettable music sells, while profound, demanding, and lasting music like the one from Synaptik, or the comparable Memento Waltz, is forced to continue to creep along the edges. A real shame, since “Justify & Reason” is an upcoming genre classic!

Michael Kohsiek  Deaf Forever Magazine – Germany


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