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SYNAPTIK sign to DeFOX Records for Worldwide Distribution……………


Greetings SYNNERS and welcome to 2017.
May it bring you health, happiness and an abundance of Metal music, one such album should definitely be “The Mechanisms of Consequence”  Brain Spark Remix Edition.
Synaptik are proud to announce that we have signed with Heart of Steel DeFox Records for worldwide digital sales.
Synaptik’s critically acclaimed debut album (Click here for reviews) has been given a remix by our good friend Fabian at RUINS RUST STUDIOS, GERMANY. Many thanks for all the hard work you put in searching through many files to make the debut sound bigger than ever before.
The Brain Spark Edition will be released at the end of January and we will be giving you all the details and links asap.
This will include a re-edited video for “Your Cold Dead Trace” featuring more footage of guest vocalist Alan Tecchio from Progressive metal Legends Watchtower.

Watch this space also for news and exclusive deals on the new SYNAPTIK album, the TWO other record Labels, Merchandise, & more…………. 2017 is gonna be an epic year for music.

Please spread the word.
JK & Synaptik.


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